• About Us

      Bank & Finance provides solutions to finance ministries, central banks and development banks to design and implement strategies to achieve their missions. We provide advice based on best international practices, but we craft programs to the specific needs of the implementing countries.


      Bank & Finance integrates experts with executive management experience working at finance ministries, central banks, financial regulators, private banks, and development banks from different countries. Advice is based on experience acquired through years working for and with these institutions, having implemented several programs around the world. 

      We use our multidimensional experience to work closely with our clients to successfully serve their needs.

      Areas of expertise to service

      Finance Ministries

      • Tax and non-tax income generation
      • Public goods provision
      • Budgeting
      • Debt management
      • Asset and liability management
      • Federal and local government coordination
      • State and municipal fiscal policy design
      • Infrastructure rescue programs
      • Debt restructuring

      Central Banks

      • Monetary policy design
      • Monetary policy implementation
      • Financial stability and regulation
      • Payments, infrastructure and financial markets
      • Open market operations
      • Reserve management
      • Digital currencies
      • Information technologies and security

      Development Banks

      • Efficiency enhancement of existing development banks
      • Design and implementation of new development banks
      • State-level development banks
      • Infrastructure, firm and consumer credit
      • Savings services
      • Insurance services



      We develop customized solutions to our clients based on their specific needs.


      Services for finance ministries include developing strategies to strengthen public finances by increasing revenue, optimizing expenditure, managing debt to reduce its cost and improve its profile, improving asset and liability management, improve federal and local governments’ coordination, the design and implementation of subnational fiscal policies, infrastructure rescue programs, and debt restructuring.


      Services for central banks include the design and implementation of monetary policy for price stability and a correct functioning of the payments system, the design and implementation of financial regulation with a macroprudential focus, improving the functioning of payments and infrastructure of financial markets, efficiently conducting open market operations, managing reserves, designing and implementing digital currencies, and improving information technology and security.


      Services for development banks include enhancing the efficiency of existing institutions, designing and implementing new development banks at the federal and local levels, develop financial services to support infrastructure, firm and consumer credit, and develop savings and insurance services.